Why order your wedding album through your wedding photographer?

You'll receive a beautiful heirloom-quality layflat photo album that will stay in the family for generations to come. And the best part -- you'll have to put in minimal effort. Your album will be designed by Cassie, perfected by you, and then crafted by hand at a professional printing company that specializes in creating stunning albums.

Album Pricing

12x12": Starting at $800 

This is my most popular size among wedding couples! 12x12 albums are robust and can hold lots of photos per page. This one is less for display purposes and more for pulling out on special occasions. 

10x10": Starting at $715

The most popular size for parent albums! The 12x12 can be bulky to handle, and the 8x8 is a little small, but the 10x10 is the perfect in between! It's the perfect size for reminiscing over your wedding day with friends and family!

8x8": Starting at $645

This is the perfect "coffee table" size! You can put it on display in your living room without taking up "too much" room. The only thing to keep in mind is you can't put too many photos on each page since the pages are smaller!

4x4" Parent Albums: Starting at $475

These albums are a small token of your appreciation to your parents, who have walked with you through all of the planning leading up to the big day. This 4x4" album will be an exact replica of your wedding album and is the perfect way for your parents to relive the day without taking up too much space.

The Process

Fill out the contact form located below and Cassie will send you your album order form within 48 hours and walk you through the next steps!