Caitlyn and Isaac's love story began 10 years ago when they met at a middle school summer cross country practice. Isaac kept going back each day hoping to see Caitlyn again -- little did he know she'd moved to Texas! I don't think there was a single person at the ceremony who wasn't laughing when Caitlyn told that story during her vows, haha. Caitlyn and Isaac are so sweet and it was so easy to see how excited they were to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

These two were such troopers during the planning process while they prepared for their Boerne, Texas wedding from Michigan during Caitlyn's last semester of college. And they did a fantastic job planning an epic day!!

May 15 was supposed to be a bad weather day. When I arrived at The Milestone in Boerne, the sky was dark and looked like it would start pouring on us at any moment. But the most amazing thing happened! While everyone was getting ready, the sun came out and the dark clouds went away, leaving behind a beautiful blue sky just in time for us to go outside for photos of Caitlyn with her bridesmaids and Isaac with his groomsmen! This was, of course, the absolute best news we could've hoped for since their wedding ceremony was outside. God was definitely looking out for these two!

After all of the photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen were finished, Isaac and Caitlyn stood on either side of a door (so Isaac couldn't see his bride) and exchanged letters.

When they were done, I asked if they wanted a few more minutes together or if they were ready: to which Caitlyn responded “I’m SO ready!” and picked up her beautiful train and RAN back to the bride’s room. Isaac just laughed as his soon-to-be wife made her exit and said, “we’ve been together since we were 12 and 13, we couldn’t be more ready to finally be married.”

And then it was time for the ceremony! The spot where they said "I Do" had a beautiful view of the Texas hills and big blue sky. Everyone processed in, and as Caitlyn and her dad reached the chairs she said, "WAIT! Walk slow for the photos!" Everyone got a good chuckle out of that, including me, but trust me when I say I definitely appreciated it!

Caitlyn's brother Tyler officiated the ceremony, and the joy he felt for his little sister was absolutely evident on his face. This was the fastest wedding ceremony I have ever photographed -- I felt crazy running around trying to get all of the angles and photos I needed before it ended LOL!! But that's okay, because it was beautiful.

The reception was such a wonderful celebration of these two and I'm happy I got to be there to capture it all! This beautiful day flew by so quickly, but I'm so honored to have been there to document it for Caitlyn and Isaac! I truly have the best job ever! I hope you enjoy scrolling through all of the fun we had on May 15!